A few market places in Delhi for wedding Sherwani shopping

Traditional Indian wear is back in style now. The fashion industries have begun to draw inspiration from traditional dresses owing to their elegance. One such popular dress among men, especially grooms is sherwani. This is a long coat that extends beyond the knee with buttons in the front. It is generally worn with or without a stole. Sherwani is all about grace. This is why Indian grooms always prefer to wear this on their big day. Delhi is the best place to buy sherwanis in India. There are several famous stores in Delhi that you must visit if you are planning to buy a sherwani.

Chandni Chowk for wedding wear

The first place you must visit in Delhi is Chandni Chowk. This popular shopping destination houses several stores that deal with a vast collection of sherwanis for men. Chandni Chowk is not only for bridal wear but also for first class designer sherwanis for grooms. You can come across several traditional Sherwani designs here, specially made for the purpose of weddings. Grooms looking for indo-western styles of sherwani can also look around stores in Chandni Chowk. The latest trend for grooms is to wear suits styled like sherwanis. You can find a huge collection of such suits in these stores.

South extension shopping market

If you are shopping for your wedding, it is not wise to look simple. This might be your only chance to buy a grand Sherwani with much embroidery. You need to make sure that the bride in her silk garments does not overshadow your look. Therefore, go for a sherwani that is all about sophistication. A great place to look for such exclusive wedding collections is a south extension in Delhi. This is located in south Delhi and is famous for its huge shopping stores. If you are planning to take the bride along while shopping for your sherwani, this shopping place can be a great choice as it has several stores for bridal wear and bridal accessories too.

Karol Bagh for grooms

Located in west Delhi, Karol Bagh is popular among grooms for wedding sherwanis. This shopping place is one of the oldest in Delhi. If you are looking for a traditional Sherwani and other traditional men’s wear, this is the place to visit. Grooms also find this place to be economical. You can find great designs of sherwanis and still not exceed your budget.

Connaught places for variety

Another famous shopping destination in Delhi for sherwanis is Connaught place. The stores here deal with sherwanis in a range of designs and fabrics. You can find choices like semi Sherwani, jacket sherwani and salwar like sherwani here. You can choose from a vast variety of fabrics such as georgette, Banarasi silk, raw silk, etc. Apart from wedding sherwanis, you can also find casual models of sherwanis here. If you are looking for a completely worked sherwani with beads, stones and embroidery, this is the right place to begin your shopping. You can also look for several sherwani accessories here such as stole, turban, pajama, etc. These stores in Delhi can give you a memorable shopping experience.

Three Nations One Motto

Denim is a versatile fabric. Moving from work wear to fashion, denim is not only for the youth and for style icons, but for all age groups and genders. Fibre2Fashion analyses the potential, challenges, and opportunities India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan hold as a sourcing hub for denim.

Developing with changing demands, it has become the common thread binding India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in a common goal. The Indian subcontinent is growing fast for denim, be it denim fabric or finished products like jeans. India and Pakistan have an edge in fabric manufacturing. Bangladeshi mills are picking up fast. Manufacture of jeans has converged in Bangladesh with practically all major brands from Levi’s to Gap to Zara. This region is viewing this development enthusiastically, confident to bring in huge business. Buyers are positive and looking at the region as a complete sourcing destination.

India is also emerging as a huge market for the final product with Pakistan and Bangladesh eyeing the business. India is a huge end consumer market and nearly 75 per cent of denim fabric produced in the nation is used for the domestic market while the remainder is exported to countries like Bangladesh, Turkey and more recently to South America and several African countries. India is known for its bulk production of denim in different weaves and counts. The nation is also a source of sustainable options in fabric with limited capacity in jeans production. According to the industry, India is among the front runners in sustainable options in denim, though there are many other players around the world concentrating in this area.

Pakistan: Investing in R&D
Pakistani mills have invested on research and development in designs and finishes. Many big mills are giving tough competition to Turkey. Since Bangladesh has acquired the covetous reputation of being the jeans manufacturing capital of the world, Pakistan is looking to set up jeans manufacturing units in the country, getting skilled edge of both the countries for growth…

Subscription box service Thinking outside the box

Most of us are shopping addicts. The first thing people think about spending weekends or when they get a pay check is how they can escape to that mall and be part of the shopping frenzy. Fibre2Fashion.com checks out the subscription box.

Although most of us enjoy shopping for clothes and trying them on, there are those who remain shopping challenged, are restricted by schedules or are economically restrained.

That’s when someone comes knocking on the door with a subscription box. Subscription box services are marketing solutions used by retail companies, mostly ecommerce businesses, giving people with different backgrounds an access to a wider range of products. The overall global market size of subscription box services is still unknown due to minimal data available and the growing stage of the industry.

What’s this service?
While this delivery service system is still at a nascent stage in India, the idea has picked up in the United States of America and other parts of the world. So, how does this really work?

Top-notch brands and ecommerce companies cater to niche markets by offering curated new clothes and other retail products to customers, depending on their personal preferences. There is also an element of surprise attached with the box. Some companies provide pre-assembled hampers instead of asking customers to select their own products, eliminating decision fatigue in the process.

The reason this box service is catching up is because shipments are sent each month to customers, or as per the policies employed by individual retail companies. This provides customers the thrill of opening the package, just like on any special occasion. Generally, prices of each packaged box range from US$ 10 to US$ 100, which roughly translates to Rs 645 to Rs 6,450.

Darby Smart, a US-based online subscription box company, offers do-it-yourself (DIY) kits assembled by a huge community of designers, giving an option of mixing latest fashion with home trends on fingertips. Customers have to go through a string of instructions provided under the DIY project, which gives them their own sense of personal fashion style